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2014 Yearlings For Sale

Due to a very late and heavy epic snowfall during February and March, and a very cool and snowy spring, we have not been able to get posed photos of the yearlings (too much snow, muck, shud and snirt to navigate). In order to stay within our time frame of posting photos of the yearlings by mid April, I photgraphed them 'ala naturale'.  As the weather betters, we will continue to post up to date photos of both yearling rams and ewes.  It's a strong group of prospects.  All yearlings are for sale private treaty and/or will be available at the shows and sales.  We will be in Reno at the Nugget this season as usual, so transportation is available to Reno or anywhere along pre-determined points along the travel route.  There are trailers headed east to Sedalia and Ohio and we can usually arrange transportation or put you in touch with another party who can provide hauls back to the midwest and east.  Please contact us for more information regarding any of the sale sheep and or transportation at sheep@blackfoot.net or at 406-381-3191

LOT 37 ~ Yearling Ram,  Nugget All American Show/Sale, Reno, Nevada
"Cadillac Jack"
Sire:  "Yukon Jack", Luxford 1311        Dam:  Prairie Rose 857
RR/NN     Twin
"Caddy" is a power house!  Massive in his make-up, he stands on good bone, has spring of rib, depth of body, wide and correct over his top as well as long down his top and long flank to flank.  Classic Suffolk head and ears to boot. We, both have admired this ram from the moment he was born and he sure hasn't disappointed from that day forward.  His sire, was our Cobra son, who sired so many great sheep for us.  His dam comes out of my "Salsa" ewe line,  a top maternal line that milks well.  Champions and class winners on both sides of the fence here. Potential, potential, potential!  A truly fine stud ram prospect. 

LOT 38 ~ Yearling Ram, Nugget All American Show/Sale, Reno, Nevada
"Jack of Hearts"
Sire:  "Yukon Jack", Luxford 1311          Dam:  "Sadie",  Prairie Rose 861
RR/NN       Twin
This fellow comes straight out of one of our top stud lines that produced "Jack of Diamonds", the 2011 Reserve Grand Champion Ram at the Nugget, "Tom Cat", 2008 3rd Place Yearling Ram and "Double Shot of Jack" !  He is a bold ram that is very straight made and correct throughout.  Big hipped, level topped and smooth made and has an eye appealing natural stance.  He is upheaded and clean fronted yet still has ample size and scale to impress.  Sire was our huge "Cobra" son that we recently lost at age 7 to skin cancer.  His dam is a "Great Divide" daughter that is a full genetic sister to "TomBoy", the ewe who never missed.  "Jack of Hearts" is a top ram with a proven pedigree. Make no mistake, he will be big!   UPDATE:  As of May 25th, Jack of Hearts still has his baby teeth!!!!

"Big Jack"


Sire:  "Yukon Jack", Luxford 1311             Dam:  Prairie Rose 851

DNA Pending/ Either RR or QR and always NN          Twin


"Big Jack" is, well, big!  He is longer than a freight train, has great width of top and hip, stands on good bone and has excellent feet that will hold up over time and pounds. He is a power ram and is already tipping the 400 lb. mark.  He is a full genetic brother to "Jack Hammer", the stud we shipped to Nova Scotia 2 years ago.  His dam consistently puts a top pair of lambs on the ground for us and I rarely let any of her daughters go. Out of one of our top ewe lines. His dam is also the maternal sister to "Jack of Diamonds", the Reserve Grand Champion Ram at the Nugget in 2011 and her sire, sired our Grand Champion Ram at the Nugget in 2009.  Another top ram! 

~SOLD~  Headed to North Dakota!!!

LOT 39 ~ Yearling Ram, Nugget All American Show/Sale, Reno, Nevada
"Roy 'O"
Sire:  Prairie Rose 2710-5               Sire:  Prairie Rose 1105
RR/NN        Twin
We went back to the drawing board for this ram, in hopes of putting together a frame ram with some ultimate substance.   We pulled on some older genetics within our ewe base and kicked in some of Ron Dreher's older genetics into the mix.  We wanted a meat wagon that didn't come out of wether genetics or British blood (no offense to either faction), was pedigreed back to notable genetics and still stood on decent frame.  Well, here he is.  Big boned, big footed, easy fleshing, wide and deep chested and posteriorly endowed while still maintaining a smooth shoulder, long side, good head and a degree of style.  Nope, he won't be 44 inches tall but he will be tall enough while carrying a ton of product and dimension.   His sire was a ranch raised ram that goes back to my old 356 ewe on the maternal side (dam of 356 was our old stud "Bridger Gold"), who consistently pumped out big, western cut rams in her day, not to mention some pretty darn good ewes with excellent maternal qualities.  His sire was sired by Dreher 1551, a no fault buck that went back to Ron's 6244 buck.  "Roy 'O's" dam is a Luxford 1230 granddaughter and a great granddaughter of "Great Divide", with her dam being a "D'Artagnon" daughter, the sire that John Phillips used as a stud ram & was the twin brother to "Burlington Northern", the big burly stud that sold at the Nugget in '06 for $8500.  This fellow should generate some interest amongst the range ram sire breeders, as well as anyone who wants to breed some good old fashioned Suffolk meat back into their program.  Photo taken in early April.    UPDATE:   Roy 'O is just breaking his yearling teeth as of May 25th

Sire:  "Yukon Jack, Luxford 1311
    RR/NN           Twin     Born:  02/2013
Another 'Yukon Jack' son and he will be the last ram offered out of "Yukon Jack".  He is a solid,  stout made, dimensional ram with a strong top, natural thickness & width and travels well on a good set of wheels .  He has a genetic predisposition for longevity and livability that we find to be important economical traits.   His sire, of course, has put competitive sheep on the ground for us and his progeny has worked well for us in the barn, the showring, on the range and for others as well.  "Yukon Jack's' progeny have been 'multiple use' type of sheep that are well rounded and suited for a variety of breeding and production schemes.   'Bob's' dam, has produced some super rams for us that have early gain and growth.  We've kept back the sisters in our production program. Dam is a paternal half sister to our Grand Champion Ram at the Nugget in 2009 and a LAWMAN daughter.  For those interested in production records, she is in the top 10% of the flock for milking ability and will put everything she eats during lactation into her lambs and yet still has the ability to go to grass in May and come back in at the end of September, fat and sassy. Just the way we like it.   Range ram breeders and others interested in sheep production should find this fellow interesting.   He is a good buck!

Sire:   "Yukon Jack", Luxford 07-1311            Dam:  Prairie Rose 1128
Born:  02/2013      Triplet        DNA:  QR+ test pending
Pretty with classic pattern but don't let her looks fool you.  Feminine yet she is capacious and voluminous.  Her topline is as straight as a table top and long.  Sired by Yukon Jack, she is a paternal half sister to Jack of Diamonds, the 2011 Reserve Grand Champ Ram at the Nugget.  Her dam is sired by Shanghai Noon, who carried Luxford 1230 breeding.  Her dam, Lucy, was shown to champion status by our great niece here in Montana and had a killer pair of buck lambs this year.  She has a number of notables in her genetic lines. She is also from a maternal line that is reliable and steadfast in the barn....good, efficient mothers that know their way around the lambing barn.  She's pretty enough for the show ring but will transition easily into sheep life post show.  This is a dandy young ewe!   UPDATE:  As of May 25th, this gal still has her baby teeth!

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