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~Yearling Rams ~

Welcome to Prairie Rose Suffolks!  
We raise quality, large framed Suffolks with substance.  We emphasize balance and completeness in our sheep and believe in producing a sheep where form meets function.  Stud rams, registered breeding rams, range/terminal sires and commercial rams available as well as top notch, premium females.  Selling QR/RR breeding stock and all sheep are NN.  We are state certified B.ovis free.
Gayle Lucas
Philipsburg, Montana
UPDATED:    April 24th, 2016  (Home, Reno Yearlings) .  
UPDATED:   We will have updated photos of our Reno yearlings by May 1st.  In the meantime, check out their preview pictures when we cut them out during earlier part of March.  They are an impressive group of yearling rams and ewes that are still on the grow and looking great!  Stay tuned !
UPDATED:    We will be launching a Face Book  page soon under our sheep name, Prairie Rose Suffolks.  Keep watching our website for the official launch date!
UPDATED:    We are seeing some exceptional lambs thus far out of  "TRUE NORTH",  Luxford 1450B, the newest ram in the stud battery!  Check out his picture on the Stud Ram Page!  His lambs are carrying an extra shot of length, particularly through the hip and hindsaddle and with admirable bone!  Can't wait to see how they develop over time.   The 2016 lamb crop was a a joy to lamb out...healthy, vigorous lambs that get up and go right after birth with very able moms by their side!  Due to extremely wet and snowy spring conditions and hand surgery on my part, I have been unable to get any lamb pictures but fear not, we should have lamb pictures up during May sometime.  
2015 Recap:  We had a great run at the Nugget All-American in May, where we had Reserve Grand Champion Ram and Reserve Grand Champion Ewe, won 2 of the 3 Yearling Ewe Classes and also had the 2nd place buck in Class II.  Check out their photos on the Reno page!
  A Big Thanks Goes out to Matt Perkins for making the sheep look great both in and out of the ring and for your great showmanship in the ring!  Thanks to Dan Lucas, my partner in crime, for his never ending help and support all year long and thanks to our pit crew of 1, Ashley Boomer, for your help in the pit, on the ground and in the ring! 
A Huge Thank You to All of Our Buyers and Contending Bidders! 


"Jack of Diamonds'



~ Grand Champion Ram, Nugget All American Show, Reno, 2009 ~


~Reserve Champion Ram, Nugget All American, Reno, 2008~

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